CVA/Traditions Lock/Small - Model# 01 Flint, 01 Percussion Print
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RPL 01

Small Flint and Small Percussion

Small flint replaces Spanish Maslin, Russ Hamm, CVA, Traditions, Cochran, Armsport, etc.

  • Flint SizeĀ 5/8"

  • Dimensions: 4-3/8 L X 7/8" W -- RH ONLY

This model was authentically styled after an original American flintlock, circa 1830. While it was specifically developed to replace the locks listed, it would also fill the bill on any small "custom" long gun or pistol of late "Golden Age" vintage. The flint and percussion locks are fully interchangeable.

  1. Model# 01 Flintlock
  2. Model# 01 Percussion