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Jaeger Lock 

The Jaeger Lock 

The German guns of early to mid 18th Century were instrumental in the development of our American"Kentucky" Rifle. L&R’s JAEGER lock is typical of the half-round half-flat plate styling found on many fine arms of old Europe during this period. Joseph Frey was one ofthe great masters utilizing this style. Use with our Model 1500C Colonial Trigger or our model T-9 Double Set.

  • Lock Features: Dim. 5-1/2" x 15/16" traditional hook type springing, bearing surfaces on tumbler and sear, rain resistant frizzen to pan fit,"Cam" action and a nice short "stroke" highly polished internally.
  • Recommended flint size 3/4. MODEL 2300
  • Right Hand Only
  1. Model# 2300 Flintlock - Right Hand