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Durs Egg Locks 

The Durs Egg Locks 

A master English gun maker, Durs Egg apprenticed in Switzerland and Paris before setting up shop in London in 1772. Egg's contemporaries were John Twigg, John and Joseph Manton, Robert Wogdon, Henry Nock and H.W. Mortimer. Egg kept abreast of his contemporaries in both aesthetics and design engineering, producing some of England's finest arms.

Lock Suitable For: Rifles and shotguns by any of the above named gun makers. Gun makers today use this lock for almost any style of flint rifle from: Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, Southern Mountain Rifle and all variations of these arms. The very fast lock time of this unit makes it an asset to the competitive shooter and hunter alike.

  • LOCK FEATURES: Available in Right & Left Hand. Dim - 5" X l5/l6",waterproof pan, pierced bridal, fly, stirrup type springing, fancy mainspring,roller mounted frizzen, and plate polished intemally.
  • Recommended flint size: 3/4"
  • Also available in "Drop in" Percussion.
  1. Model# 1100 Flintlock - Right Hand
  2. Model# 1100P Percussion - Right Hand
  3. Model# 1150 Flintlock - Left Hand
  4. Model# 1150P Percussion - Left hand