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Model 1200 

The Dickert Lock

Jacob Dickert, of Lancastcr County, Pennsylvania, was an accomplished gun maker circa 1755-1822. He made his own lock for the guns he built; but in addition, Dickert supplied locks to other gun makers. The Allentown Bethlehem, Lancaster and Bucks County schools and makers within these schools, such as A. Verner, J. Moll, Herman and John Rupp, John Knoll, Melchoir Fordney, Abraham Schweitzer and J.P. Beck, utilize this style lock.

  • LOCK FEATURES: Available RIGHT HAND ONLY. Dim. 5 3/8" X 15/16". Traditional hook type springing, bearing surfaces on tumbler and sear, water resistant frizzen to pan fit, cam action. Highly polished internally.
  • Recommended flint size: 3/4"
  • Right Hand Only
  1. Model# 1200 - Right Hand