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Breech Plugs

Plug and Tang Combos

Our new Hawken style breech and tang combos are "prefit" and currently available in 1" diameter. 3/4 x 16 thread and 15/16" diameter. 5/8 x 18 thread (specify when ordering). It is of the "slant" variety designed for quick ignition and ease of cleaning. It features a "relief ring" at the base of the thread for perfect barrel mating. Additional stock forward of the bolster area adds an extra margin of safety where the base of the barrel thread and ignition channel are nearest; the plugs are x-rayed. Our lock models #125 (Gibbons plate) and #150 (Warranted plate) feature properly located cutouts to compliment our total "Hawken" system. The Flint and Percussion Tangs are interchangeable, so duel systems can be used in "one gun".

Our Model #7/8 Plug is 7/8 across the flats with a 5/8-18 thread and a 2 inch Tang. Its great for all kinds of late pistols, including derringer's, as well as small rifles.

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