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The “rat tailed” locks with their artisticly curved hammers make the slender and graceful Bedford Co. guns unique in the anals of Kentucky rifle study. Although the percussion guns stand out as the “classic” examples, it is obvious that many had been converted from flint. L&R; has elected to offer both so interchangeability is possible. We have patterned ours after the beautiful John Amos example featured on the cover of the definative book by Calvin Hetrick. Dimensions were researched from original guns supplied from various collectors to whom we owe our sincere thanks.

Locks of this general type were utilized by such makers as John Amos, Daniel Border, Jacob Stoudenour, William Defibaugh, and Peter White.

  • LOCK FEATURES: Flint lock has water proof pan, roller mounted frizzen, bearing surfaces on the tumbler and sear, stirrup springing, fly and sculptured bridle. Recommended flint size: 5/8″
  • Percussion accepts 7/16″ drum with internal workings interchangeable with flint lock. Dimensions: 5 7/16″ x 7/8″
  • Matching Side Plate Available
  • Right Hand Only
  1. Model# 1900 – Flintlock
  2. Model# 1900P – Percussion
  3. Model# 1900Sp – Side Plate


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Bedford Percussion Lock Right Hand & Parts