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L&R; now offers the finest example of the “classic” Germanic design offered to today’s shooters and gun builders. Locks of this type were commonly used throughout the Colonies by the greatest “Masters” of the Kentucky rifle art. Our locks sport a quick “time” by virtue of friction reducing bearing surfaces on the tumbler and sear, cam action, and a shorter, powerful stroke. An inconspicuous roller on the frizzen cam enhances frizzen action. In addition, our popular “rain sealer” on the underside of the lid helps keep your powder dry.

  • Lock Features: Thick bolster area for proper stock profiling. Traditional hook type springing. One position sear action for easier trigger set up. Highly polished internally. Available in right and left hand.
  • Dim. 5 3/8″ x 1″ (although slightly larger overall, these locks are fully adaptable to the large Siler mortice). Recommended flint size: 3/4″
  • Matching Side Plate Available.
  1. Model# 2100 Frizzen Bridle – Flintlock Right Hand
  2. Model# 2150 Without Frizzen Bridle – Flintlock Right Hand
  3. Model# 2100P Percussion Lock – Right Hand
  4. Model# 2175 Frizzen Bridle – Flintlock Left Hand
  5. Model# 2185 Without Frizzen Bridle – Left Hand
  6. Model# 2175P Percussion Lock – Left Hand
  7. Model# 2100Sp – Side Plate


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Classic Percussion Lock Left Hand & Parts