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Since the onset of the Hawken popularity, there has been much controversy as to the existence of a “Hawken” flint lock rifle. One full stock Hawken rifle exists in the archives of the Smithsonian Institutc. It was authenticated by Col. Vaughn Goodwin, Art Ressel, John D. Baird, and J.W, “Doc” Carlson as being converted from flint to percussion ignition. L & R acquired and duplicated an original advanced waterproof English flint lock very similar in all aspects to the lock in the Smithsonian rifle.

  • Lock Suitable For: Full stock Hawken, Leman, Southern Mountain, Tennessee, and Poor Boys. Also proper for Manton, Egg, Twigg rifles and fowling pieces.
  • Lock Features: Dim. 5″ X 1″ waterproof pan, roller frizzen spring, stirrup type springing and fly.¬†Bearing surfaces on tumbler and sear highly polished internally.
  • Recommended flint size: 3/4″
  • Also available in drop in percussion (Model #300,400)
  1. Model# 900 – Goose Neck Flintlock – Right Hand
  2. Model# 1000 – Goose Neck Flinlock – Left Hand
  3. Model# 900DT – Double Throat Flintlock – Right Hand
  4. Model# 1000DT – Double Throat Flintlock – Left Hand



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Late English Flintlock Right Hand & Parts